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Maltahöhe (Maltahoehe) lies 110 kilometres west of Mariental at the end of the tarred part of the C19 Pad, quite easily accessible. The name of the place comes from Colonel Henning von Burgsdorf, who established a post of the Schutztruppe here and named it after his wife Malta.

maltahotelkThe small town of Maltahöhe, with its 2000 inhabitants, provides mainly to the surrounding farms. The main stop for most visitors is the Maltahöhe Hotel that includes a popular pub with German atmosphere and a restaurant offering hearty meals.

Some 80 kilometres south-west of Maltahöhe, on the D826, lies the slightly quirky Castle Duwisib. The Prussian aristocrat Baron Hansheinrich von Wolf - he had served in the Schutztruppe - and his wealthy American wife Jayta had it built in 1908 by an architect from Berlin. The castle in the arid semi-desert, built from red sandstone - has 22 rooms, a knight's hall and a shady courtyard with fountain.

Photos: Left Maltahoehe Hotel. Right Duwisib Castle.

Von Wolf bought a couple of surrounding farms and started a huge horse-stud farm on his 50,000 hectare estate. The news of the beginning of the First World War reached the von Wolfs on an oceanliner on the way to Argentina where they wanted to buy more horses. Baron von Wolf immediately volunteered as an officer and was killed in action in 1916 in the trenches of France. His wife never returned to Duwisib, but took residence in Munich. The castle was bought and restored by the Namibian state and nowadays houses a museum.

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