i-con2 Fish River Canyon : Travel Information and Accommodation

Hobas Restcamp
The entrance to the Fish River Canyon Park lies in Hobas. The camp has a small store and a campground. From here it is 10 km to the main viewpoint.

Entry Fees
Adults: N$ 80
Children (6 - 16): free
Vehicles (max 10 seats): N$ 10

Accommodation at Hobas
Camping (max 8 persons): N$ 100-850

NWR Namibia Wildlife Resorts
Private Bag 13378, Windhoek 9000, Namibia
Tel ++264-(0)61 285 7200
Fax ++264-(0)61 224 900

/Ai-/Ais / Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
The Fish River Canyon Park in Namibia and the Richtersveld National Park in South Africa are about to be joined to a transfrontier national park. In 2003,  the South African and the Namibian governments, signed an agreement accordingly.

Fish River Hiking Trail
The 86 km long hiking trail through the Fish River Canyon takes 5 days and can only be undertaken by physically fit hikers. One has to register long ahead of time in Windhoek and produce a medical certificate. Only group hikes with a minimum of 3 participants are permitted.


The hike through the Canyon can only be done in winter (between  15th of April and 15th of September). In summer temperatures in the canyon are extreme, and even in winter the day temperatures can reach 40 C degrees. In the past, several accidents, even fatal ones, have happened due to heat strokes and heart failure. The life-saving options are limited, no helicopters are stationed in the area and there is no cellphone reception.

The descent starts at Hiker's View about 3 km north of the Main Viewpoint and takes 1 hour. There is only one "emergency exit" near "Palm Springs", usually reached on day 3. But it is extremely steep, and once one made it to the top, one is literally standing in the desert.
Regularly the trail ends in Ai-Ais.

Reservations: NWR Namibia Wildlife Resorts in Windhoek.

FRC Unterkunft

Fish River Lodge

On the rim of the canyon; breathtaking views; spacious chalets ensuite; restaurant, bar, pool; full board; good hiking.

Rates: DBL from N$ 1125 PP DBB

Phone +264 (0)63 683 005


Cañon Roadhouse

Guesthouse at Fish River Canyon road. En-suite rooms, campsites, restaurant, pool, fuel-station, info centre.

Rates: DBL from N$ 650 PP BB

Phone +264 (0)61 230066


Cañon Village

Gondwana Cañon Park; Cape Dutch cottages ensuite; stunning views; all meals; lapa; game drives; pool.

Rates: DBL from N$ 650 PP BB

Phone +264 (0)61 230066


Cañon Lodge

In the Gondwana Cañon Park. Stylish rock chalets ensuite; stunning views; all meals; game drives; pool.

Rates: DBL from N$ 850 PP BB

Phone +264 (0)61 230066


Vogelstrausskluft Lodge

Magnificent scenery at the upper part of the Canyon. 24 stylish ensuite rooms with aircon. Internet. Pool. Restaurant. Safaris.

Rates: DBL from N$ 895 PP BB

Phone ++264 (0)63 683086