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From the Fish River Canyon it is just a stone's throw to Ai-Ais at the southern end of the canyon. A gravel road goes continuously downhill and winds through the rugged, blackish Koubis Massif.

Thermal water rich in sulphates and fluorides gushes forth from the springs of Ai-Ais with a temperature of approx. 60°C. In the Nama language "Ai-Ais" means "burning water".

The thermal bath next to the hot spring is a popular recreation resort, especially during the winter months. The water is particularly soothing for people suffering from rheumatism. Of course, healthy people enjoy the spouting water fountains as well. There are indoor pools with various water temperatures and an outdoor pool.


From May to August, Ai-Ais marks the starting point for hiking trips into the Fish River Canyon. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, there is a rich variety of wildlife and birdlife to be seen. One must be reasonably fit and of sound health to attempt these hikes. Details to be found on the Fish River page. One can of course also go for marvellous walks and small excursions from Ai-Ais into the canyon.

Ai-Ais is closed in summer between November and February. In the narrow and very deep lying gorge of the Fish River the heat builds up to hellish 45 C degrees and more.

Travel Info and Accommodation

Photos: Left the Thermal Spa of Ai-Ais. Right the Fish River near Ai-Ais.