i-con2 Tsumkwe : Travel Information and Accommodation
Access to Tsumkwe
Coming from the south on the tarred B8 Grootfontein-Rundu, turn right after 55 km on to the gravel road C44 to Tsumkwe. After about 250 km you reach Tsumkwe, where you can get information on activities and accommodation in the conservancy. You can drive to Tsumkwe in a normal car, but for some parts of the conservancy you need a 4x4. Start the trip with a full tank, the petrol station has not always fuel available.


Grashoek Living Historical Village
For those who don't want to make the long trip to Tsumkwe, there is after only 70 kilometres on the track C44 the option to gain an insight into the culture and way of life of the San. In the Living Historical Village of Grashoek a traditional, precolonial village of the Ju/‘Hoansi San has been rebuilt. A number of demonstrations are offered to experience nature closely, on a bushwalk to practise hunting, tracking, collection of bush food  and how to make snares and ropes. One can go on a whole day wilderness hike with the Ju/‘Hoansi, equipped with arrows, bows and a traditional collection hide. You'd have to bring a hat and 5 litres of water. In the village traditional dances are performed. The entire enterprise is managed by the Living Culture Foundation Namibia absolutely recommendable. Next to Open-Air Museum there is a basic campground on a beautiful clearance, in bushcamp style and without electricity. Camping costs only 25 N$ per person, firewood costs 20 N$. Open all year from sunrise to sunset. Prebooking not required.


Nyae Nyae Conservancy
The game conservation area lies south-east of Tsumkwe, the access is sign-posted. One can also see giant Baobab trees. The campground in Nyae Nyae is very basic. Bring drinking water. Tel 067-244011.

Ju/'hoansi Safaris
Tsumkwe Country Lodge offers tours to get in close contact with the Ju/'hoansi bushmen and learn about their modern way of life and the traditional culture of hunting and gathering. Meet these friendly people and get insight into their ancient culture in this remote part of Namibia. Offered are demonstrations in tracking, animal observation at the waterholes, elephant tracking, traditional hunting and how to gain water from plants, collection and cooking of edible fruits. More information from the lodge.

Ndobe Border Post to Botswana
There is a road to Botswana. The border post Ndobe lies some 50 kilometres east of Tsumkwe and is open for everybody, daily from 8 to 16:00. Interesting for those who want to visit Tsodilo Hills, the Okavango Delta or the Caprivi. For a drive through Botswana a 4x4 is a necessity, because the 150 kilometre long track to the tarred road to Maun or Shakawe is sandy and soft.

Tsumkwe Unterkunft

Tsumkwe Country Lodge

Gateway to Bushmanland; komfortable 2-bed chalets or camping; campfire meals; pool; interaction with bushmen culture.

Rates: DBL from N$ 380 pP BB

Phone +264 (0)61 374750


Nhoma Safari Camp

Rustic camp with safari tents and campground near Tsumkwe. Ju/’hoan San activities. Traditional games, dances, food collection. All meals.

Rates: 2 nights DBL from N$4400 Full board

Phone +264 (0)81-2734606