i-con2 Ruacana Falls : Travel Information and Accommodation
Waterpower Plant
Ruacana has a waterpower plant with three turbines, each of them generating 82 MW. A fourth turbine is in the planning to contribute more to the ever growing electricity requirements of Namibia. The power plant cannot be visited during the building works.

Hippo Pools
Below the waterfalls, 2 kilometres down the river, lies  a wide strech in the river, called "Hippo Pools". Here lies a very beautiful shady camping ground, the Otjipahuriro Campsite. Sometimes one can watch hippos here. For reservations: NACOPTA, Tel 065-270120.

Ruacana Village
A few kilometres south-west of the waterfalls lies the village of Ruacana, with a small supermarket for the basics, petrol station, a take-away and guesthouse accommodation. Ruacana also offers a clinic and an airport with tarred landing strip.


Ovamboland Unterkunft

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