i-con2 Popa Falls : Travel Information and Accommodation
Popa Falls Restcamp
This NWR Restcamp ies on the western bank of the Okavango river, 32 km south of Divundu. The camp is especially praised by anglers.

Besides a campground (water/electricity), the restcamp offers also 10 River Cabins with 4 beds each on a B&B basis. It has a restaurant and a bar.

Camping N$ 100 per person/night
River Cabin N$ 220 per person/night

NWR - Namibia Wildlife Resorts
Private Bag 13378, Windhoek 9000, Namibia
Tel 061-2857200, Fax 061-224900

Photo: Charles Hotham

Beware of Hippos
Both camps at Popa Falls are being frequented by hippos at night. They weigh up to 2 tons (= 2 cars!). Their jovial appearance is deceptive. They can be very dangerous. Each year more humans are killed by them in southern Africa than by all the other animals together. If they feel threatened, it is impossible to run away from them, because they easily reach a speed of 40 km per hour. Always keep a distance when they roam around the camp in the evening or at night. Never approach them or get between them or in their escape route to the water.

Photo: Tsodilo Hills entrance gate

N//Goabaca Campsite
This camp has a very scenic position on the eastern bank of the Okavango, about 4 km from the police control point at the Okavango bridge. Coming along the main road B8 from Katima Mulilo, cross the Okavango Bridge near Divundu and keep to the right.

N//Goabaca consists of four individual sheltered campsites, each for 2 to 3 tents. A bigger site can take 4 to 6 tents. There is a sandy patch for every tent. Big old trees give shade. Two campsites dispose of their own wooden platform with views of the river and the rapids. Each site has running water, shower, watercloset, fireplace and a thatched open kitchen.

Rates: Camping N$ 35 per person/night. Firewood N$ 10.

Nacobta Booking Office
PO Box 86099, Windhoek, Namibia
Tel 061-255977, Fax 061-222647

Border Post Mohembo / Shakawe
In Divundu the road to the border with Botswana branches off. The borderpost Mohembo / Shakawe is open from 7 to 18:00. The A35 road to Maun is completely tarred.

Tsodilo Hills
32 kilometres south of Shakawe a sandy road branches off the A35 to Maun in western direction. It leads over 40 kilometres to Tsodilo Hills. This group of hills protrudes steeply from the flat plain of the Kalahari. The UNESCO declared it a World Cultural Heritage site, because here the highest number of San (Bushmen) paintings in the world has been found in an area of 10 square kilometres. On hundreds of individual sites one can see about 4500 finger drawings done with charcoal, ochre and chalk mixed with animal blood and protein. Their quality is surprisingly good. Hiking trails lead to the various sites. A museum provides information on the way of life and the culture of the San. - Basic campground.