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Popa Falls

Near the little town of Divundu, some 200 kilometres east of Rundu, lies one of the highlights of the western Caprivi, the Popa Falls. They are actually rapids rather than waterfalls. Here the Okavango River breaks through a 4 metre high rockreef in its riverbed, which stretches over more than a kilometre in width. The reef consists of dark quartzite. The rapids are particularly impressive in the dry season at lower water levels.


The Popa Falls are surrounded by enchantingly beautiful nature. Restcamps are positioned at the western and the eastern banks of the Okavango. The western camp offers a campground and basic chalets.

The camp at the eastern riverbank, managed by the local San community, is exceptionally scenic. In the evenings hippos like to visit both camps. Treat them with respect!

Travel Information and Accommodation

Top: Aerial of the Popa Falls rapids. Left: N//Goabaca Camp at the eastern riverbank of the Okavango. Hippos like to visit the Camp in the evening.