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Maun (Botswana)

Who wants to tour Botswana (Botsuana) and, for example, visit the spectacular Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta, should choose the small town of Maun in central Botswana as the starting point. Maun lies 620 kilometres from Gobabis and can be reached on a tarred road via the border post of Buitepos/Mamuno and via Ghanzi within a day.

Maun is spread out along the banks of the Thamalakane River in the south of the Okavango Delta and counts just under 30,000 inhabitants. Maun is the district capital of Ngamiland and lives mainly on the income from tourism. Numerous safari companies are based here. The small airport of maun is among the busiest in southern Africa. Experienced bush pilots take guests to the many remote and hard to access safari camps in the Okavango Delta and to the Moremi Game Reserve. Other major destinations in Botswana are the Chobe National Park or Deception Valley in the Central Kalahari region.


The Okavango Delta is a huge inland delta in the northern part of the Kalahari Desert with an extension of approximately 20,000 square kilometres. The 1700 kilometre long Okavango River feeds it. The river originates in the central highland of Angola and instead of turning towards the sea, the Okavango flows to the south-east into the Kalahari Basin which has no outlet. The river spreads over 350 kilometres into countless branches, building thousands of islands. Most of the water evaporates under the burning sun in the river branches and swamps, oozing away in the desert sand, and only a small rest reaches the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans further south.

The Okavango Delta with its abundance of water is the area with the highest game density in the whole of southern Africa by far. It is home to 500 bird and 150 mammal species and boasts a great variety of plants. The largest portion of the Okavango Delta is totally inaccessible. Only with the proclamation of the Moremi Game Reserve in 1968, an area of initially 2000 - by now 4870 - square kilometres was opened up to tourism. Moremi lies some 100 kilometres north of Maun. With its dense Mopane forests, reedgrass swamps and golden-yellow savannahs it is a unique wildlife paradise.

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