i-con2 Khaudum National Park : Travel Information and Accommodation

Access to the Khaudum National Park
Access from the south (Tsumkwe): Drive at the school in Tsumkwe in northern direction and follow the road for some 20 km. Ignore all turn-offs and drive straight on. After 30 km you reach the park. The Sikereti Camp is another 8 km. Time required: about 3 to 4 hours.

Access from the north (Katere): From Rundu it is about 120 km in southern direction to Katere. Follow the dirt road in south for almost 50 km. Flat, but very difficult terrain. Turn off to the left. After some 20 km through very soft sand you have reached the Kaudom Camp. Driving time Katere - Kaudom: 5 to 6 hours or even longer.

GPS Coordinates
Sikereti Camp: S 19 06 00 / E 20 42 00
Dussi Waterhole: S 18 55 56 / E 20 43 86
Tsau Waterhole: S 18 41 00 / E 20 45 00
Kaudom Camp: S 18 30 00 / E 20 45 00

Both camps – Sikereti in the south and Kaudom in the north – ar not maintained at all. But camping is for free. The toilets usually are in a terrible state. The camps are not fenced. Beware of wild animals, especially at night.

Gate Opening Hours
Throughout the year from sunrise to sunset. Avoid the area in the rainy season. Report to the ranger on arrival in Sikereti and pay the park fees.

Driving to and in the park
One can only undertake this adventure with at least two real 4x4 offroad vehicles with low range gears and diff locks. If you arrive alone you will normally be sent back (although sometimes you may be lucky!).

The roads are soft sand, only manageable for four-wheelers. The tyre pressure should be reduced to about 1 bar  (not less than 0,8 Bar). Bring a second spare wheel, spade, high-lift jack (and a stable ground sheet). You might have to change a tyre. Use of a GPS is recommended.

Trailers, campers and caravans, domestic animals and motorbikes are not allowed in the park.

Fuel, Provisions and Water
Bring fuel, food and water for at least three days. Fuel is usually availalbe in Tsumkwe and Mukwe/Divundu in the Caprivi.

Prophylaxis is recommended.