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Matima Mulilo

The small town of Katima Mulilo is the commercial centre of the East Caprivi region. It lies at the southern riverbanks of the slow-flowing Zambesi. It is half a kilometre wide here and marks the border to Zambia.

Katima once was a military stronghold of the South African army in the fight against the SWAPO liberation fighters which used to operate from Angola and Zambia. Parts of the town's infrastructure stem from that time.


Left: Sesheke Bridge across the Zambesi River. Top: Street Market in Katima Mulilo.


The town Katima Mulilo counts about 20.000 inhabitants and has an airport with tarred landing strip, a modern hospital, schools, supermarkets, petrol stations and even an art centre. Since the completion of the famous Sesheke Bridge over the Zambesi in 2004, Katima became important for the Zambia traffic.

Katima Mulilo has a markedly African character. Worth to be visited is the big African market under the open sky, where lots of clothes and many other thing are presented for sale.

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