i-con2 Kaokoveld : Travel Information and Accommodation
Planning a Kaokoveld Tour
In Kaokoland there are no petrol stations or any other service facilities, except for the little town of Opuwo at the southern end of the Kaokoveld. But even here the offers are rather limited. Before embarking on a trip to this remote terrain, stock up on suffficient water, food and fuel. The vehicle must be in good shape. The tank size needs to grant a range of at least 800 kilometres, if you are heading for the Marienfluss valley to the Kunene and from there to Purros and Fort Sesfontein. Count with a 30% higher consumpton in the difficult terrain. Also, be aware that there is no mobile phone reception north of Opuwo. In case of a breakdown you are on your own. A GPS divice is advisible, because you hardly ever encounter a roadsign. Most important: carry enough water.

Vehicle Equipment
Only four-wheel drive vehicles can drive into the remote Kaokoveld. Talk to your car rental company before deciding on a tour through the adventurous Kaokoveld. Insist on getting 2 (proper!) spare wheels, spare canisters, a comprehensive set of tools, a good jack, air pump, fire extinguisher. Be prepared to change a tyre in the Kaokoveld and find out beforehand where to apply the jack. Get good maps and possibly a GPS. Get thorough instructions, how to drive an expeddition vehicle in four-wheel mode. If possible, rent a vehicle with diff locks. Prefer a vehicle with a big reserve tank. Filling the tank with fuel from a jerry can is an unpleasant affair.

Easy and Tough Stretches
Some road streches in the Kaokoveld are easy to drive, e.g. the route from Opuwo to Epupa Falls on the track C43. Others require experience. Avoid the Van-Zyl's Pass, if you are not experienced in handling a four-wheel drive in difficult terrain. Don't visit the Kaokoveld, if it has been raining there.

Starting Base
Best base is the town of Opuwo. There are two supermarkets, two petrol stations and affordable accommodation. Highly recommendable is the Opuwo Country Hotel. Opuwo also has a hospital for an emergency and a police station.

Photo: Opuwo Country Hotel

Kaoko Information
Visit the Kaoko Information Centre on Main Road at the entrance to Opuwo. Here one gets updated information and can hire a local guide. You should definitely consider this if you're going to travel with only one vehicle and are not familiar with the Kaokoveld yet. Tel 065-273420.

The Kaokoland (Kaokoveld) tourism is affecting the traditional life style of the Himba. Don't give begging children or adults any sweets (they don't know tooth brushes) or other items alien to their culture, especially no alcohol or medicines (even if they ask). Don't enter a Himba Kraal without permission and, of course, don't drive through a Himba settlement. If you want to take photos, pay a small fee for it upfront.


: Balloons for Himba kids – make a nice photo but are not a good idea.

Kaokoveld Unterkunft

Omarunga Camp

Rustic camp at Epupa Falls; comfortable en-suite safari tents or camping; all meals; Himba tours; airstrip.

Rates: DBL from N$ 975 pP DBB

Phone +264 (0)64 403 096


Opuwo Country Hotel

Gateway to the Kaokoveld; comfortable en-suite rooms with aircon; all meals; bar; patio; restaurant; pool.

Rates: DZ ab N$ 930 pP ÜF

Phone +264 (0)61 374750


Khowarib Lodge

Stilish lodge at the Hoanib River. 14 tented ensuite Chalets. Gorgeous views. Lapa with bar, restaurant. Internet. Tours and safaris.

Rates: please enquire

Phone +264 (0)81 219 3291


Okahirongo Elephant Lodge

Magnificent position on the Hoarusib river banks. 7 stylish chalets, all ensuite. Grand views. Excellent cuisine. Pool. Safaris.

Rates: DBL from N$ 4081 pp full board

Phone +264 (0)65 685018


Okahirongo River Camp

At the Kunene River. Breathtaking views. Luxurious double tents, all ensuite. Excellent cuisine. Pool. Safaris.

Rates: DBL from N$ 4081 pp full board

Phone +264 (0)65 685018


Kapika Waterfall Lodge

Comfortable chalets close to the falls. Terrace overlooking the Kunene. Large pool. Lapa restaurant. Guided walks and Himba tours.

Rates: DBL from N$ 1100 PP DBB

Phone +264 (0)65 685111