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Kaokoveld (Kaokoland)

Located in the far northwest of Namibia, Kaokoveld (also called Kaokoland) with the district capital of Opuwo is one of the most pristine regions in Namibia. The almost inaccessible area south of the Kunene river, north of Sesfontein, can only be travelled in fully equipped expedition vehicles and, if at all possible, in the company of an experienced guide. There are hardly any sign-posts on the rough tracks. They are often rocky or of deep, soft sand. Acconmmodation is not available en route, but only a few campsites. Many travellers just sleep out in the wilderness.

The Kaokoveld is home to about 15.000 Himba, semi-nomadic pastoral people, who have largely kept their ethnic individuality and culture in the seclusion of Kaokoland. The friendly people breed cattle and goats and track with them - depending on the season - to the different waterholes. Their clothes, hair style and ornaments have a special meaning and are part of their tradition and culture. Even newborns are adorned with pearl necklaces. Older children also wear bracelets from copper and shells. The proud Himba women spend a couple of hours every day with body and beauty care. They rub their entire bodies with a cream made from rancid butterfat and ochre to which they add the aromatic resin of a shrub called Omuzumba. The cream gives the body an intensely red shine to achieve the Himba ideal of beauty.


The continuously growing number of visitors to the Kaokoveld pose a threat to the Himba culture. Tourists ignorantly hand out sweets to the children and alcohol to the men and many other items that don't belong to their culture and habits. Many Himba have changed their behaviour to become brash beggars, others got addicted to alcohol. Many concerned people demand Kaokoland tourism to be reglemented and the whole area to be declared a protectorate. However, the Namibian government so far doesn't find that necessary. For them the Himba people is uncivilised, backward and a bit of an embarrassment.

Travel Information and Accommodation

Left: The Kaokoveld at the Kunene river. At the northern bank lies Angola. Top: Himba woman with baby.

Kaokoveld Unterkunft

Omarunga Camp

Rustic camp at Epupa Falls; comfortable en-suite safari tents or camping; all meals; Himba tours; airstrip.

Rates: DBL from N$ 975 pP DBB

Phone +264 (0)64 403 096


Opuwo Country Hotel

Gateway to the Kaokoveld; comfortable en-suite rooms with aircon; all meals; bar; patio; restaurant; pool.

Rates: DZ ab N$ 930 pP ÜF

Phone +264 (0)61 374750


Khowarib Lodge

Stilish lodge at the Hoanib River. 14 tented ensuite Chalets. Gorgeous views. Lapa with bar, restaurant. Internet. Tours and safaris.

Rates: please enquire

Phone +264 (0)81 219 3291


Okahirongo Elephant Lodge

Magnificent position on the Hoarusib river banks. 7 stylish chalets, all ensuite. Grand views. Excellent cuisine. Pool. Safaris.

Rates: DBL from N$ 4081 pp full board

Phone +264 (0)65 685018


Okahirongo River Camp

At the Kunene River. Breathtaking views. Luxurious double tents, all ensuite. Excellent cuisine. Pool. Safaris.

Rates: DBL from N$ 4081 pp full board

Phone +264 (0)65 685018


Kapika Waterfall Lodge

Comfortable chalets close to the falls. Terrace overlooking the Kunene. Large pool. Lapa restaurant. Guided walks and Himba tours.

Rates: DBL from N$ 1100 PP DBB

Phone +264 (0)65 685111