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Chobe National Park

When visiting the Caprivi, one shouldn't miss out on a visit to the Chobe National Park. The concentration of game in this major reserve in Botswana is just overwhelming. No other nature park in southern Africa has more game. The access to the Chobe park is quite easy. From Katima Mulilo take the B8 and go further to the borderpost Ngoma Bridge and from there to Kasane. The entrance to the park lies 3 km west of the town.

The National Park has been open since 1960 and comprises an area of 11000 sqkm south of the Chobe river. It can only be visited in the dry season, from April to October. Most of the park is rather sandy terrain, a 4x4 is needed to get through. The northern part along the Chobe River forms a floodplain and is hardly accessible during the rainy season. This also applies to the Savuti Swamps in the western part of the park. The southern parts are drier with savannah being the dominant landscape.


The 50 000 elephants that live in the Chobe park pose a threat to the ecological balance of the ecosystem, which can actually only support half the number of these giants. The elephant herds cause tremendous damage to the flora and a solution is urgently needed. Because the other parks in southern Africa also suffer the effects of an uncontrolled elephant population, there is nowhere to transport the "excess" Chobe elephants, so unfortunately they will have to be culled. Elephants can only be transferred or shot as a whole herd, otherwise the remaining animals would become vicious and aggressive towards humans for a long time.

The infrastructure in the Chobe Park is basic. Most of the tracks through the park are rough and sandy and only negotiable for a four-wheel drive. A couple of luxurious lodges are situated in the vicinity of the Chobe Park. In the park itself there are camping grounds with basic facilities only plus the luxurious Chobe Game Lodge.

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