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Karibib lies on the B2 highway between Windhoek and Swakopmund. The small town was founded in 1900 as a railway station and became an important overnight stop. In 1907, when the new railway line was built with a normal lane width, and the station was relocated 30 kilometres further west to Usakos, Karibib lost its importance.

A few years later, when gold was discovered, mining activities revived the town. Ultimately, Karibib owes its fame to the high-quality marble it produces; being the only place where pure black marble is found. To this day, very hard and pure black marble is still being mined at the Karibib quarry and exported worldwide.


: The marble mine in Karibib. Top: Welcome display at the town entrance.

The Navachab Goldmine south of Karibib was taken over towards the end of the eighties by the South African Anglo-American Corporation. In open-cast mining, some 5 000 tons of gold-rich ore is mined daily. Since the gold price has recovered on the worldmarket, the mine is has begun turning a profit again.

A couple of smaller companies are prospecting the Karibib region for semi-precious stones; mainly amethyst, tourmaline, aquamarine and quartz.

The Henckert Tourist Centre in Main Street makes for an interesting visit. Displayed on more than 1 000 sqm of ground, are the greatest offers in jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones and other arts&crafts of Namibia.

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