i-con2 Grootfontein : Travel Information and Accommodation
Old German Fort Museum
Grootfontein's local history museum is located in the restored old fort "Deutsche Feste" in Dr Nicky Iyambo Street. Today, it is a National Monument. The museum documents the history of the town, the Dorstland Trek and displays a historical wagonmaker workshop and a forge. Opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, 16h00 to 18h00, Wednesdays 9h00 to 11h00. On request also at other times. No entrance fee. Tel (0)67 242456.

Hoba Meteorite
The Hoba meteorite lies 24 kilometres west of Grootfontein on the Pad 2860 (Farm Hoba). The meteorite is a National Monument since 1955. There is a little shop close by. Tel (0)67 242281.