i-con2 Etosha National Park : Travel Information
Opening Hours
The Etosha National Park is open all year and daily from sunrise to sunset. At dusk one must be at one of the restcamps or leave the park. When planning your trip, please keep in mind that the maximum speed is 60 km/h throughout the park.

Best Time to Travel
Etosha can be travelled all year round. The wide, open plains and and the numerous accessible waterholes guarantee good game viewing throughout the year. In the rainy season, from January to April, however, not so many animals come to the waterholes, because they find water everywhere in the vast reserve. On the other hand, the park is not as dusty as in the dry season then, and the fresh grass attracts antelopes, especially springbok, in great numbers who have young ones at this time.


Road Conditions

The roads are untarred, but usually well maintained, although quite dusty. One doesn't need a 4x4 for Etosha.
Okaukuejo Tower

There are 4 park entrance gates. "Andersson Gate" in the south leads to the main restcamp Okaukuejo. In the east of the park lies the "Von Lindequist Gate" near the restcamp Namutoni. And the third one, "King Nehale Gate", lies near Andoni in the north-east. The gate allows for direct access to the former Ovamboland region (today 4-O-Region). You need to arrive at this gate at least 2 hours before sunset, because it takes 2 hours to get to Namutoni. A fourth gate, "Galton Gate", lies in the west of the park. Here, entry is only permitted for Namibian tour operators.

Entry Fees per Day
Per person/day N$ 80
Per vehicle (max 10 seats): N$ 10
Per bus (11 - 25 seats): N$ 40
Per bus (26 - 50 seats): N$ 300

Discounts for Namibians (N$ 30) and South Africans (N$ 60)

More information: RESTCAMPS