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brandbergkAccess to the Brandberg

Take the C35 from Hentiesbaai in north-eastern direction. 12 kilometres behind the small town of Uis a cul-de-sac leads to the west. After another 20 kilometres lies the parking area.

Hike to the "White Lady"
The hike to the "White Lady" rock engraving takes about an hour. Especially in summer it should only be untertaken early in the morning, because temperatures in the Brandberg massif can reach extremes. It is compulsory to go on this hike in the company of a local guide whom you can contact in Uis. This measure is aimed at supporting the local community. Contact: Brandberg Mountain Guides, Tel (0)64 504162.

The local Tsiseb Conservancy in Uis runs –funded by the European Union – an information centre and a basic restcamp with camping accommodation. Brandberg Rest Camp, Tel (0)64 504038. There is a petrol station in Uis.

Climbing the Königstein

The ascent of the highest peak in the Brandberg is not an easy stroll at all, but very strenuous. Alpine experience and excellent physical conditions are essential. The terrain is steep and rocky. There are no paths, whereby the climb takes a long time and is, also due to the heat, very exhausting. One should not envisage it during the summer months from December to April, as the heat emission off the granite is extreme.

The minimum time span for the expedition is 3 days and 2 nights. Since one has to take enough water along for the entire period, it is advisable to book a porter in Uis. He would charge about 400 N$ per day. Please keep in mind, that  there have been fatalities at the Königstein in the past. Consider to go on the ascent in the company of a mountain guide. That would cost about 1000 N$ per day. Contact: Brandberg Mountain Guides, Tel (0)64 504162.

Brandberg Unterkunft

Brandberg Rest Camp

Affordable resort in the village. Ensuite rooms, apartments or camping. Swimming pool, restaurant, bar. Internet. Tours.

Rates: DBL from N$ 300 PP BB

Phone +264 (0)64 504038