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Brandberg Massif

The Brandberg, about 150 kilometres north-east of Henties Bay, is a granite massif, formed 130 million years ago through volcanic activity and subsequent erosion. The circular, dark looking mountain covers an area of 760 square kilometres and overtops the surrounding land by 2000 metres. The highest elevation which is the highest mountain of Namibia, is the Königstein with 2573 metres.

Many caves and overhanging rocks can be found in the Brandberg, where the San (Bushmen) used to take shelter and left a great number of rock paintings, more than 48000 in almost 1000 sites.



The most famous painting is the "White Lady", discovered in 1918 by the landsurveyor Dr. Maack. Despite its name, it does not depict a white woman, as was believed for a long time, but a man with his face painted white for ritual, presumably a shaman. It is probably a hunting scene. Some more hunters with speers and bows can be seen.

And also the hunted animals are identifiable, mainly Oryx antelopes and zebras. The picture is estimated to be 4000 years old. It is interpreted as an evocation of hunting luck.

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