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Namibia Travel Routes

Namibia is a huge country. If focusing on the major highlights of this unique destination, however, one can travel and explore Namibia in a relatively short time. One must accept having to spend many hours in the car, because the distances between Namibia's highlights and attractions are considerable.

However, driving in Namibia is an enjoyable experience in itself: There is hardly any traffic on the roads and the landscapes are stunning wherever you go, deserts, vast plains, bushland or savannah backed by rugged mountain ranges. The infinity of the land, the clear, intense colours and the deep blue of the sky have a relaxing and revitalising effect on the mind and the senses.

We'd like to suggest some travel routes through Namibia, which can be combined with each other and can be changed to suit individual wishes.

The two "classical" routes lead through the central part of Namibia and the southern parts of the country. Both routes start and end in Namibia's capital of Windhoek, and for both of them one should have at least 2 weeks of time available. The trips can be extended. If you would like to experience the whole of Namibia, you must add both routes. It would then take you about four weeks for the big roundtrip.

Southern and central parts of the country are malariafree. Prophylactic measures are not necessary.

Travelling in the north-west, especially in theremote Kaokoveld, does required a 4x4. And is advisable to go for a malaria prophylaxis before you start. The same applies to the Caprivi, to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.