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How to plan
a Namibia Tour

Namibia is an ideal, rewarding destination for the individual traveller as well as for tour groups. Here one can experience the magic of Africa with its friendly, natural people and its unique animal and plant life in a comfortable and affordable manner. For many visitors their Namibia tour is the most beautiful journey of their lives, unforgettable, and many return to Namibia time and again.

Travelling in Namibia is almost as easy as in highly developed countries, for example in Europe. The country has an excellent infrastructure. The road network is well maintained, even the gravel roads are mostly in good condition. And there is a great variety of hotels, lodges and other accommodation.

Die Namibians are known to be friendly and helpful, and most of them speak English. Namibia has a low crime rate and the visitors are not exposed to special safety risks.

Namibia is not a destination for the quick beach holiday. Travel routes are in Namibia – compared with South Africa, for instance – relatively clear-cut. But there is a multitude of attractions and destinations, regions and landscapes. Therefore, good preparation is an advantage, especially if you intend to explore the land on your own. Good knowledge about the country makes for an interesting tour. The more you know, the more you'll see.

All relevant information for the planning of your tour to be found in this online travel guide, especially in the main menu TRAVEL GUIDE and in this menu.