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We plan your Africa adventure and work out the entire route for you, tailored to your wishes, interests, travel time and duration as well as to your budget. We'll prebook your accommodation and the rental vehicle and equip you with precise directions.

Experts Plan Your Travel Route
We are a team of experts for southern Africa. Wir know basically every place in Namibia and South Africa and the neighbouring countries.  We used to live there for many years and are experienced in southern African tourism. We can tell from experience, which areas to visit, what is worth seeing and what not; where to sleep over and where perhaps not; which vehicle to choose, where to go shopping or for dinner and where to meet locals.

himbababSelf-Drive Tours
The countries in southern Africa are ideally explored independent and individually in a rental car. Self-drive tours through southern Africa have become popular lately. Our tour package comprises a rental vehicle with all kilometres and an insurance according to your wishes. And we prebook the accommodation (in the rates category you have indicated), so that you don't need to spoil holiday time with accommodation search. We hire vehicles, normal 2x4's, four-wheel drives and also campers with aircondition, from reputable rental companies.

A month before the start of your tour we'll send you the travel documents, containing attractions and highlights along the route, restaurant recommendations and safety advice. You'll receive vouchers for accommodation and vehicle. The border papers for a possibly envisaged border crossing will be part of the car documents. If you have opted for a 4x4, you'll also receive instructions how to handle the four-wheel mode and on the driving technique on gravel roads.

What We Need From You
Start and end location of your tour, e.g. Windhoek - Cape Town or Durban - Windhoek. And the date of your arrival and departure in southern Africa. Furthermore, please let us know as much as possible about your interests and expectations, what you wish to see and experience. Please use the form on this page.

What You Get From Us
You will receive a detailed and photo-illustrated tour offer. For each day there is a description of the destination including photos, driving distances and suggested accommodation venues with details. We thrive to meet your needs as closely as possible. If you want to change certain aspects or new options arise, we'll of course adjust the offer until it suits you.

The Cost Of The Tour Design
For the design of the tailor-made tour offer, including possible changes, we charge a once-off fee of 40 EUR, payable per credit card. If you decide us to do the accommodation and rental car bookings for you, the fee will be refunded.

We do not book flights. But we can make recommendatiions and you'll do the booking with your credit card details on the internet yourself.

chhiFor queries and discussions you can also give us a ring in Germany, email us or skype us.

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