Unique Travel Namibia – Windhoek

Unique Travel is specialized in small-group educational travel of the highest quality. Our emphasis is on providing you with personalized services. The company is owned and run by an energetic indigenous woman - Julia Araes - whose passion for travel coupled with several years of experience in the tourism industry has resulted in the birth of Unique Travel.

We are experts at designing private explorations that reflect your special interests and budget, whether you are traveling as an individual, with a family or larger group. A trip with Unique Travel means learning about nature firsthand, while understanding the different cultures experienced, and enjoying the highest standard in safe, comfortable travel. Our journeys enable you to have meaningful interactions with nature and with the locals while leaving little to no impact on the environment. We use facilities and services owned by local people to help preserve their communities and contribute to the economy.

Our Private guided Explorations are designed and led by a professional guide assigned to you. Quite simply they are the most bespoke explorations available. If you wish to have a totally personalized African experience, designed specifically to suit your needs, guided by some of the best guides and to travel with your own group (be it family, friends or business partners), then our private guided explorations are ideal for you.

If you enjoy the freedom of driving through endless landscapes along unpaved wilderness roads then self-drives are the right kind of adventure for you! For this kind of adventure we generally use 4x4's, or 4x2's on better roads, and the vehicles are driven by you (or another member of your party) instead of a driver. As with all our trips we carefully select our routes in order to avoid typical tourist traps and to ensure that you take in as much of the nature and culture of the country as possible! These trips can usually also be arranged as a guided option, if you prefer.

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