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Touring Namibia

You don't have to be very experienced or audacious to travel Namibia on your own. The roads are good and there are comfortable hotels, guest farms and lodges everywhere. The people are friendly and helpful, and communication should also not be of concern, because most Namibians speak English and German.

One can rent a car from home, conveniently through the Internet. Also, fully equipped 4x4's with roof-tent and camping equipment or compact caravans are available. Some tour operators also provide hotel vouchers and route descriptions for a self-drive-tour. So, once arrived in Windhoek, you can just jump into your car and off you go.

Fly-in Safari to Sossusvlei

Photo: Fly-in Safari across the Namib dunes, unforgettable!


Photo: Cruising southern Namibia. Most gravel roads are well maintained.

If you don't like to do the driving yourself, you can easily join a tour group and explore the country assisted by an experienced tour guide. Groups usually travel in mini-busses. If you want to visit certain areas like the remote Kaokoland in the north-west or the Kaudom National Park in the north-east, you should use a safari operator in any case, because it would require special equipment and experience to do these parts on your own.

A fly-in safari is an interesting alternative to cover the great distances in Namibia, especially if you are short of t ime. A flight to the Skeleton Coast or over the dunes of the Namib and the Sossusvlei, to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or across the Okavango Delta in Botswana is a spectacular and unforgettable experience.

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