i-con2 Skeleton Coast National Park : Visitor Information
Park Entrance
The park entrance gate lies at the Ugab rivermouth. If you don't stay overnight in Terrace Bay you must have entered the park by 15h00 and leave before 17h00.

Terrace Bay is the main restcamp. It offers clean and comfortable accommodation in 20 double rooms. The camp has a cosy restaurant with full sea view plus a bar, a shop and a swimming pool. Torra Bay - about 50 km south of Terrace Bay - is a popular fishing retreat with just a campsite, communal ablution facilities, shop and petrol station. Torra Bay is only open in December and January.

Entrance Fees per Day
Adults: N$ 80
Children (6 - 16 yrs.): free
Vehicles (max 10 seats): N$ 20

Accommodation Rates in Terrace Bay / Torra Bay
Double Room: N$ 800 per person/night B&B
Camping (max 8 persons): N$ 150 - N$ 500

Ugab River Guided Hiking Trail
ugabkThe park offers a 3-day guided hike through the canyon of the Ugab Rivier, for at least 3 and maximum 8 participants. Bring your own equipment and provisions. A medical bill of health is required and booking well in advance is necessary.

Reservation of accommodation and signing up for the Ugab Hike:

NWR - Namibia Wildlife Resorts
Private Bag 13378, Windhoek 9000, Namibia
Tel ++264-(0)61 285 7200
Fax ++264-(0)61 224 900

Skeleton Coast Safaris
To visit the northern part of the Skeleton Coast Park, you'd have to contact Skeleton Coast Safaris run by the Schoeman family since 1977. They offer combined flight and 4x4 safaris to the Skeleton Coast high up into the western Kaokoveld. The lonely coastal areas with the mysterious "roaring sands" and unusual rock formations of the Ugab valley are highlights. the mysterious "humming dunes", the extraordinary rock formations of the Ugab valley, where black mountain chains in the background contrast with the blinding white desert, the red lava and the yellow sandstone formations of the Huab area, very old rock engravings, a visit to a village of the Himba, who still lead a traditional nomadic life and dress in their traditional way, and the impressive landscapes of the Hartmann valley, which leads up to the Kunene river. The safaris are rather expensive (approx. 5000 US$ for a 4 days safari). Reservations through: Khashana Highline Travel,