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Political System of Namibia

Namibia's Constitution
Namibia is a secular presidential democracy with a multi-party system and the classical separation of powers. The constitution became effective in  1990 and grants the citizens for the first in Namibian history comprehensive civil rights and the equality of all Namibians before the law. More

The Political Parties
The dominant power in the Namibian parliament is SWAPO, founded in 1960 as a liberation movement. Today is has a moderately socialist orientation. Electorate mainly in Ovamboland. Weak opposition. More

Namibia's Government
SWAPO governs Namibia alone. State President Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba continues the conciliatory policy of his predecessor, Sam Nujoma. More

The Media
Television under government control. Freedom of press does exist, but the government attempts repeatedly to influence the print media. There are several daily newspapers, in English, Afrikaans and German language. The English "Namibian" is the most widely read daily paper. More

Namibia's National Anthem
Music and lyrics of the National Anthem "Namibia, Land of the Brave". More

Photo: Former President Dr. Sam Nujoma founded the SWAPO liberation movement in 1960 and - after independence -initiated a moderate political course. Per legal decree Nujoma was proclaimed "Father of the Nation".