i-con2 Ethnic Groups in Namibia : Damara

The 130,000 Damara – also called "Bergdama" – are among the oldest inhabitants of Namibia, although their origin is not quite clear. Their language is a Khoisan dialect with its typical click sounds and resembles the languages of the Nama and San. But their appearance is quite different from those ethnic groups.

Their main settlement area, Damaraland, lies between the Erongo and the Etosha Pan with the centre Khorixas. Many Damara are spread across the country, but most of them live in Windhoek and other towns.

Ethnic groups in Namibia Nama Rehoboth Baster Herero San (Bushmen) Damara Caprivians Kavango Ovambo Himba
The Damara had mastered the art of forging iron and copper at a very early stage. Traditionaly Damara keep sheep and goats.

Photo: Damara couple in Windhoek