i-con2 Ethnic Groups in Namibia : Rehoboth Basters

The 30.000 Rehoboth Basters live exclusively in and around the town of Rehoboth south of Windhoek. They are the descendants of Khoikhoi women and Burish immigrants from the Cape Colony. They left the Cape in 1870 with their leader Kaptein Hermanus van Wyk, moved northward and founded Rehoboth, an abandoned mission station until then.


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The Basters mainly do cattle and sheep breeding and are good artisans. They speak Afrikaans and still follow the Afrikaner traditions and culture. Under apartheid the Basters enjoyed a partial autonomy. Despite their small number they are still today well respected in Windhoek.

Photo: The shoemaker Hermanus Beukes with one of the popular "Veldskoene" (= field shoes) made from Kudu leather and produced in Rehoboth. The Basters are excellent craftsmen.