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Prehistoric Times

Sources are few on the first signs of human existence in Namibia. The oldest paleontological find, discovered in the Kombat Mine in Otavi, is a jaw bone of the Otavipithecus namibiensis with an estimated age of 12 to 15 million years. The fossil indicates that Namibia might be seen as one of the cradles of mankind.

The oldest rock paintings were found in the Apollo-11 cave in den Hunsberg Mountains in southern Namibia. Their age is estimated at 26.000 before Christ.

The other rock engravings and rock paintings in Namibia, for example the ones near Twyfelfontein, are younger. But it is certain that San people (Bushmen) lived in Namibia since 3000 BC. In the 15th century Bantu pastoral tribes from the east African area settled on the north and north-west of Namibia. Die Himba stayed in the Kaokoveld, die Herero moved on to the south, where they met the Nama on their way north from the Oranje.