Namibia History

The history of Namibia, summarized. The long way from the colony to the republic. More
history_4German Colonial Era
Subjugation of Namas and Hereros by the German colonial troops. Capitulation. More
history_1Prehistoric Times
Namibia as cradle of mankind? Native population and immigration of pastoral tribes from east Africa. More
history_5South African Rule and SWAPO
The long liberation fight against Apartheid and the South African occupation. More
history_2Precolonial  History
The work of the first missionaries. Jan Jonker Afrikaner. Fighting between Namas and Hereros. More
history_6Namibia's Independence
First free elections in 1989 and victory of the SWAPO. Namibia gets a democratic constitution and becomes a republic. More
history_3Adolf Luederitz
A Bremen merchant lies foundation for  the colony German South-West Africa. More
history_7The Era Nujoma
The first 15 years of the Republic of Namibia under President Dr. Sam Nujoma, "Father of the Nation". More


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