Warthogs (phacochoerus africanus) belong to the boar family. In contrast to their European relatives with a fur growing all over, they only have spots of dense fur on the throat and on the back. The males have powerful tusks.

Warthogs are day animals and spend most of their time looking for food. They mainly feed on grass and roots. While grazing, they kneel on their front legs and even move around on their knees, which gives them a funny look. Warthogs can frequently be found at waterholes where they dig in the marsh and wallow in the mud with obvious enthusiasm.



Warthogs spend the night in caves which have been dug by porcupines or groundhogs. They push themselves backwards into these caves to be prepared to notice and fight enemies. Warthogs are strong enough to fight hyenas or cheetahs, but cannot defeat a lion.

Game Reserves: Warthogs live basically everywhere in Namibia. Good to observe in the Etosha National Park.