There are two species of rhinoceros in Africa, the "black rhino" and the "white rhino". The names have nothing to do with the animal's colouring, but go back to an error. The one has a wide mouth which was changed to "white" and the other species accordingly named "black".

Today, both rhino species are threatened by extinction in the whole of Africa and even in the National Parks it is difficult to protect them. Poachers still succeed in shooting them to sell their horns at high prices on the black market. The pulverised horn is in great demand among Asian men who believe it to be a remedy for potency.



The rhinoceros is a vegetarian and mainly feeds on foliage and twigs. It can weigh up to three tons and reach the age of forty. It does not have a good eyesight, but its senses of hearing and especially smell are well developed. Besides humans they have no enemies.

Game Parks: Rhinos live in the Etosha and Khaudum Parks, in the Caprivi game reserves and in sveral private game reserves.