The porcupine (hystrix africaeaustralis) belongs to the rodents, as one of the biggest of them, standing 80 cm high at the shoulder. The body is – except for the stomach and the snout – completely covered in black and white quills, which they can raise to a comb.

Porcupines mainly feed on roots and bulbs. They live solitarily or in goups of up to three animals who share a burrow.

Porcupines are the favourite prey of lions and other big cats. It is, however, difficult to bring them down. Porcupines can defend themselves effectively with their quills which are needle-sharp and easily break off causing the attacker severe inflammations. Porcupines can also run very fast.

Occurrence: Porcupines live in the whole of Namibia. As they are nocturnal, one can't observe them easily.

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