Oryx Antelope

Oryx antelopes (oryx leucoryx), also called gemsbok, are at home everywhere in the dry savannah of southern Africa. They are well adapted to the extreme conditions of the desert. They can take the frequent high temperatures of more than 40 degrees by raising their body temperature and so avoiding loss of body fluids through perspiration. The animals mainly feed on the sparse, dry desert grasses. Usually they graze at night, because then the plants contain more moisture.

Oryx Antelopes

Oryx antelopes live in small groups, but the bulls are often loners. Oryxes can become quite dangerous, if one gets too close. They don't shy away from big animals of prey. It is reported that they can even spear a lion with their pointed horns.

Oryx Antelope

Game Parks
: In the Etosha National Park and in many private game reserves and game farms