The Black-Backed Jackal (canis mesomelas) belongs to the family of the Wild Dogs. The fur is conspicuously coloured, on the flanks brown to yellow, on the back a black "saddle cloth" with white stripes. The saddle cloth is broad in the shoulder area getting narrow towards the tail. The jackal has upright ears, a pointed snout and 40 cm high shoulders.

Jackals feed on smaller mammals, birds and insects and also eat carrion. They are well adapted to the dry savannah and semi-deserts of Namibia and can cope with longer periods without water.

Jackals hunt alone. But they live in couples or in small family groups. The females give birth to up to six whelps between July and October.


Game Parks: Jackals can be seen everywhere in Namibia. One can watch them nicely in the Etosha Park.