Ground Squirrel

Ground SquirrelBristled ground squirrels mainly occur in the dry, semi-desert regions of southern Africa. These cute animals are identifiable by their white stripes along the sides, the missing external ear and the long, bushy tail, which gives them shade. Ground squirrels have a fur which feels bristly to the touch.

The friendly little rodents belong to the subfamily of ground squirrels (xerinae) and differ from the European squirrels in that they don't climb trees, but live on the ground and in their widespread web of underground caves. They are day-active and feed on grass seeds, leaves and roots.

A bristled squirrel burrow can have up to a hundred exits and expand over an area of 2 square kilometres. If an animal spots a potentially dangerous enemy, it utters a whistling warning sound, whereupon all members of the colony hide in their burrows.
Ground Squirrel

Game Parks: Bristled squirrels occur in central and south Namibia, mainly in the Kalahari region. And in the Etosha National Park one can see many of them. They also live in great numbers in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park in South Africa where one can spot them especially at the resting places and near rest camps. Because they are often fed by visitors, they can become a nuisance.