Eland Antelope

The Eland antelope (taurotragus oryx) is the tallest antelope species in southern Africa. It stands 170 cm high at the shoulder and can reach a weight of 700 kg. The Eland lives in the open plains, dry savannah and also in mountainous grassland. It is wide-spread.

Typical are their straight spirally drilled horns. Their fur has a light colour, yellow-brown to grey-brown, and turns in older animals on neck and shoulders blueish grey.

Eland antelopes

Eland antelopes live in small herds of up to 25 animals, are very shy and flee immediately when threatened. They can reach a speed of 70 km/h and are great jumpers. They feed on leaves and grass and dig with their hooves bulbs and roots up.

Game Parks: In the Etosha National Park in private game reserves and game farms.