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Namibia – Country & People

witbooikkHistory of Namibia
Namibia  - A Cradle of Mankind. Precolonial era, Adolf Luederitz, German colonial era, South African rule, SWAPO and the long road from colony to republic.  Historical overview with pictures. More

Geography of Namibia
Geographical structure and landscapes. Namib desert, escarpment, central plateau and Kalahari. Geology, precipitation and climate. An overview. More

ruthkkNamibia's Population
Namibia as a unified multiethnic society. "One Namibia, one Nation." The ethnic groups and their settlement regions. Ovambo, Kavango, Herero, Himba, Damara, Caprivians, San (Bushmen), Whites, Basters and Nama. Overview with photos. More

Political System

About the country's constitution, political parties, parliament, judicative, government and opposition. Namibia's media. The National Anthem. More

Namibia's Economy
Mining, agriculture, fisheries and tourism as the pillars of the Namibian economy. Namibia's currency and finances. An overview. More

Plant Life in Namibia
Namibia's diverse flora, from desert- and semi-desert vegetation to evergreen subtropical plants. An overview. More

elephantskkkNamibia's Fauna
Namibia is home to more than 300 mammal, over 500 bird, and 100 reptile species. This menu presents the most interesting animals. More