Namibia - the land in the south-west of Africa between the Orange River in the south and the Kunene River in the north - is a barren land, like from another star, but still inviting and strangely familiar. Namibia is a paradise for photographers, a land of contrasts and clear colours. Those who are looking for peace and stillness and enjoy mesmerising landscapes and wide desert expanse, are going to fall in love with Namibia, one of the least populated countries in the world. Namibia is Africa at its best, with friendly, natural people, with endless savannah and bushland and an amazingly diverse animal world, protected in the vast Etosha National Park and in many other game reserves. Namibia is an adventure, but one doesn't need to be an adventurer to experience this country. A well maintained road network, comfortable hotels, lodges and guestfarms make travelling a pleasure.

Destinations Central Namibia

All destinations worth visiting in the central part of Namibia between Windhoek, Etosha and  Atlantic coast. Comprehensive travel guide with many photos. More

Destinations South Namibia

Comprehensive travel guide for the southern part of Namibia between Windhoek and Orange River, Namib Desert and Kalahari. All attractive sights. Many photos. More

Destinations North Namibia

Destinations worth visiting in the northern parts of Namibia, Kaokoland, Ovamboland, Kavango, Caprivi, including Victoria Falls and northern Botswana. Many photos. More

Namibia Travel Routes

The "classical" Namibia routes through the south, north and central parts. Sidetrips into the Kalahari, to the Orange River, to Botswana and the Victoria Falls
. More

Hotels, Lodges, Guestfarms

Where to sleep over. Accommodation for all requirements and budgets throughout the country. From rustic guestfarms to luxurious game lodges. More

Namibia Tours

To the scenic highlights in Namibia and neighbouring countries. The most interesting tour and safari offers. Classical selfdrive tours and individual tour design. More

History of Namibia

Prehistory, early population, precolonial history, German colonial era, South African rule, SWAPO and the struggle for freedom and democracy. Era Nujoma. With photos. More

Namibia's Population

The ethnic groups and where they live. Ovambo, Kavango, Herero, Himba, Damara, Caprivians, San (Bushmen), Whites, Basters and Nama. With many photos. More

Namibia's Enonomy

Mining, agriculture, fisheries and tourism as the pillars of the Namibian economy. Imports and exports. Namibia's currency and finance sector. An overview with photos. More


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South Africa, Namibia's fascinating
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and beaches, magic cities and a wide
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zulu_ladySouth Africa's province KwaZulu-Natal with Durban, metropolis at the  warm Indian Ocean. Wonderful beaches, huge game reserves and Zulu  culture. More

Namibia Flights

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Khashana: Tailor-made Namibia Self-Drive Tours per Rental Car. Detailed Planning!

Important Addresses

Namibia's Embassies & Consulates in Europe and other countries.

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